About Re-form

"Re-form, originally known as 'Re-form Punk' is a punk band based out of Leduc, Alberta. Delivering some of the most high-energy punk rock in Canada, they are a band known to have emotionally charged songwriting, and the actions to back up everything they’re saying."

- BeatRoute, 2018

Originally formed in 2013 by founding member, guitarist, and lead vocalist Graham Strach, the band has gone through many member revisions. The current members of Re-form now include the above mentioned Graham Strach, Ash Reddy on guitar and backup vocals, Dallas McInroy on bass and backup vocals, and Alex Downey on drums and backup vocals. 

Even through out the years of changes, one thing that doesn't change with Re-form, is their guarantee of meeting you in the mosh-pit.

With plenty of upcoming shows, new songs being written, and even a music video in the works, there is plenty to look forward to with this band.

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Front (left to right): Dallas McInroy, Graham Strach, Ash Reddy.

Front (left to right): Dallas McInroy, Graham Strach, Ash Reddy.